10-12 Tsing Fung Street - Tin Hau (Joint Sale Sole Agent)
Hong Kong - Rare Property with Redevelopment Potential for Sale

10-12 Tsing Fung Street

Site area approx. 2,175 sq.ft, 53 Years of Building Age, 81.8% of Shares for Sale, Town Planning C/R (4) Max. Plot Ratio 15, Ready for application under Cap 545, No “One-house clause” under the government lease of subject properties, Rapid redevelopment in subject locality with great future potential.

Property Information:

The Subject Property:     Approx.81.18 % Shares of Nos. 10-12 Tsing Fung Street,Tin Hau, Hong Kong
Site Area:     Approx.2,175sq.ft. (Source : Government Lease Plan)
OP Date:     April 1963 (53 Years)
Government Lease:     75 Years Renewable For 75 Years, Commencement Of Lease Term123/2/1922
Town Planning:     C/R(4) / (A 1.5m wide non-building area fronting the southern side of Tsing Fung Street provided)
Class Of Site:     A
Height Restriction:     100m above HKPD (Buildable : 93.5m)
Plot Ratio:     A Maximum plot ratio of 15 for Commercial / Max. Plot Ratio of 8 for Domestic

Key Contacts

Jacky Fung

Jacky Fung

Associate Director

kamaco Two Exchange Square

+852 2840 4812


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